Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

16 April

Cure Narcolepsy With Senator Courtney


"Iowa House Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines has seemingly taken a newfound interest in her role on the Government Oversight Committee. The Des Moines Democrat appeared to fall asleep several times during a committee hearing two weeks ago."

Representative Gaines should seek an Iowa Senate Senate seat. Senator Courtney screaming obscenities may help her stay awake.

P. O. S.

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She's Gonna Squeal!


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15 April

Patch Job


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14 April

Westward the Manor Mall

Harry Reid Behind Nevada BLM Land Grab


"Deleted from BLM.gov but reposted for posterity by the Free Republic, the BLM document entitled “Cattle Trespass Impacts” directly states that Bundy’s cattle “impacts” solar development, more specifically the construction of “utility-scale solar power generation facilities” on “public lands.”

A liberal Democrat Senator claims he is a champion of the little people. Wealthy, powerful interests covet land occupied by a few little people. The liberal Democrat Senator uses his influence to drive people off land they have been on for generations.

This all brings back memories.

Clint Hills

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Turtle Soup


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11 April

There Are Liars & Then There Are Damn Liars

And Then There is Dirty Harry Reid


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05 April

Unions Plead for Iowa Senate to Kill Transparency

Courtney's Brethren Sought Secret Settlements


"On Thursday, Ken Sagar, the President of the Iowa Federation of Labor, sent a letter to state senators urging them to oppose legislation that would require government agencies to disclose all information relating to disciplinary actions taken against public employees, as well as information regarding any personnel settlement agreement. It now appears as if it was the labor unions who wanted the “secret” settlements, and not the Branstad Administration."

A bill cleared the Iowa House concerning transparency related to public employee discipline and settlements. The unions want the Iowa Senate to kill this bill.

The House bill is a result of the Democrat Party and their biased media buddies stirring up the issue to smear a Republican incumbent Governor of Iowa.

Democrats in the Iowa Senate went along with the plan. With new orders from their party union bosses, how many Democrats will vote to kill transparency.

Will our State Senator Courtney vote as instructed by the union bosses?

C Menow
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White House War of the Vanities


"This was a blowout of epic proportions – probably the nasti­est White House fight they’ve ever had,” a Washington, D.C., insider told The ENQUIRER.

“They were both screaming at one another.

“The president was infuriated when advisers told him that they’d added up the costs of all their ‘vacations’ and China was putting them over the $150 million mark."

A news source far more accurate and far more respected than the Burlington Ad Vertiser is at it again unlike the Ad Vertiser, the Enquirer does investigative reporting

The paper that broke the truth about John Edwards is covering the Obamas.

It appears all is not love and roses upstairs from the rose garden. Many a liberal yearns for the Clinton years. The Obamas may deliver the flying furniture, but nothing more.

Gary Hartpence

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04 April

Senator Courtney and His Comrades Crumbling Case

Hearings Ain't Worth (Jack) Hatch

Courtney Shows Up for This Inquiry Despite Missing Many Others


"Three of the four former state employees that the Democrat-led Iowa Senate government oversight committee heard testimony from on Wednesday said they did not think their firings were politically motivated. Those statements directly refute attacks by the Iowa Democratic Party and run counter to the main basis of the Des Moines Register’s “investigation” into supposedly secret settlements paid by state departments."

Democrats in the Iowa Senate orchestrated attempt to claim ill in state employee separations is falling apart. Senate hearings are not confirming what their media allies would have you believe.

Senator Tom Courtney was seen on channel 6 news next to the testimony chair. Our, "You P. O. S.," state senator did not look very happy with how it was going. Neither did his buddy State Senator Bolcom.

Assuming these hearings were supposed to launch State Senator Jack Hatch to becoming Governor Jack Hatch, they ain't worth jack. Probably of greater concern is that Democrats could well become the minority after this year's elections.

If Iowa voters have any sense, they will ignore the current hearings donkey show. Iowa will work better if Senator Courtney regains minority party status.

Tawana Brawley

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Your Table Is Ready


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03 April

Bruce Braley - Trial Lawyers First Foremost and Always


"Back on February 11, 1998, Iowa's very own Bruce Braley wrote this pity party for lawyers and had it published in the Moscow Pullman Daily News out of Moscow, ID."

Bruce Braley is the Iowa Congressman who represents trial lawyers nationwide. Bruce Braley scorns rural Iowans. Bruce Braley wants to be your U. S. Senator.

Bruce Braley's Texas trial lawyers money grubbing pitch was not a one time mistake. Bruce Braley is a past President of the Iowa Trial Layers Association.

Bruce Braley's mea culpa over his Texas tria lawyer fund raiser is the result of being exposed by online media. If you lack an Ivy League J. D., you're a rube to Braley.

Unless you are a trial lawyer, Bruce Braley is the last person you want claiming to represent you in Washington.


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Despite New Fort Hood Shooting, Obama Continues to Chicago Fundraisers

"Late Wednesday afternoon, another shooting occurred at Fort Hood, Texas. As the situation was still developing, the President made a hastily arranged appearance from Chicago and in his statement insisted that he was "going to get to bottom of exactly what happened."

No sooner was the President done with his statement than he off he went to his regularly scheduled fundraisers despite his pledge to "get to the bottom" of what was happening in Texas.

After his statement about the shooting, Obama went on ahead to the Chicago Cut Steakhouse for a meeting with twenty-five supporters, who paid up to $32,400 each to have dinner with the President.

By 7:00 p.m. Obama attended his third fundraiser, a reception at a private Chicago residence, where fifty-five supporters paid $10,000 each to meet him."

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Not Me! Me Neither!

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02 April

Death Chamber


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01 April

I Do Inhale


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31 March

Long Overdue


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28 March

Farm Where Braley "Bailed" Hay / "Detassling" Corn

Braley's Farm Cred Hits Zero! Three Strikes - You're Outta There

"The Braley campaign misspelled a couple of basic Iowa-farm-related words – detasseling and baling – in its press release defending the U.S. Senate candidate’s street cred with farms and farmers.

A sharp-eyed Des Moines Register editor noticed that the news release said: “Bruce grew up in rural Iowa and worked on Iowa farms, detassling corn and bailing hay.”"

Braley's farm cred was in trouble long before this latest boondoggle.

This photo ran in 2013 on Bruce Braley's website touting the importance of Iowa's farms. Trouble is the photo shows a farm in England.


You want an ambulance chaser spending your tax dollars?

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Obama Fixing Train Flat


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27 March

Putin In Sheep's Clothing


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How Do I Look Mooshell?


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26 March

Squeal Piggy! Ernst Responds to Braley

Joni Has Cure for Braley Excess - Cut 'Em Off!

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Grassley Responds to the Ambulance Chaser

"A Grassley spokesperson told TheIowaRepublican.com, “By the logic expressed on this recording a trial lawyer shouldn’t be involved in policy making about agriculture, or energy, or health care.”

The aide went on to say, “Sen. Grassley has served on the Judiciary Committee since he was first elected to the Senate, and he’s got a strong record on the committee. Grassley-authored amendments to the False Claims Act have recovered nearly $40 billion for taxpayers that would otherwise be lost to fraud. He’s the co-author of laws to curb class-action lawsuit abuse and to reform the bankruptcy code. Sen. Grassley is unmatched in his legislative and oversight work to protect whistleblowers, both in and out of government, who speak up about wrong-doing for the public good. He coauthored the Whistleblower Protection Act and numerous updates to laws protecting whistleblowers, including national security and on Wall Street. Sen. Grassley’s work on the Judiciary Committee exposed the illegal gun-trafficking operation known as Operation Fast and Furious. It was Sen. Grassley’s persistence that pressured the current administration to provide Congress with the legal rationale for using drones on American citizens.”

“Alongside that, Sen. Grassley’s one of only two working family farmers in the United States Senate, where he brings Iowa common sense to work for ag, anti-trust, transportation, environmental, energy, trade, health care, communications, national security, and tax policy that works for all of America,” the Grassley spokesperson concluded."
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Braley Looks Like He Running for Mayor of Burlington


Watch the video of Bruce Braley denouncing Grassley as some kind of ignorant farmer. With all the liquor bottles by his side, it looks like Braley is running for Mayor Burlington.

Braley has the proper party affiliations to be Mayor of Burlington.

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Parliament of Lawyers


“A farmer from Iowa who never went to law school, never practiced law, serving as the next chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee because if Democrats lose the majority, Chuck Grassley will be the next chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Braley said."

The former President of the Iowa Trial Lawyers wants to be your next U S Senator from Iowa. Bruce Braley seeks the seat by denouncing Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Grassley will not be Braley's opponent in November.

Parliament of lawyers, or parliament of whores, is there any difference?


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Two Like Minds


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