Burlington Derailed ó The Continuing Story

23 July

Clinton/Obama - Nothing Changes


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22 July

Catch Up





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08 July

Urbane Renewal


I was in downtown Burlington Friday.

Driving up Jefferson St. I passed by salvation. There was a young man at the corner of 5th & Jefferson almost out into the intersection. He was waving a Bible while yelling about doom and salvation.

I can think of no better place to peddle salvation amidst doom than across from the crumbling, abandoned J. C. Penney store.

Until the second coming, downtown Burlington's latest great hope of salvation remains urbane residential development.




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The Crash of Progressive Monuments

And down will come baby,cradle and all


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07 July

Reality Will Set in


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04 July

A Perfect 4th


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03 July

The Jackass Swings


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02 July

Always Room for One More


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01 July

3 Blind Mice and a Rat


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30 June

Hermes Leaps


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29 June

Greece Orders Banks Closed, Imposes Capital Controls to Stem Deposit Flight

Greeks Take Obama Progressive Liberalism to Insanity Level - Game Over

We Warned You - Why Should You Care

"Now that banks have been closed, it also isnít clear how they will reopen or, when they do, what will be the currency in their vaults and in their accounts: If Greece canít persuade the ECB to restart emergency lending, the only practicable solution is for Greece to print its own currency so that banks can satisfy depositors and still function.

Asian markets fell in early trading on Monday on tremors from the Greek crisis and European bonds and stocks were expected to slump too. The euro slumped to more than a three week low.

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The Obama Court


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23 June

What's The Difference?



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19 June

Where's The Ad Vertiser's Transparency?


I read the drivel from the crowd on South Main about Amber Steele. Crying in their beer for transparency to satisfy their need to sell two more copies of their liberal rag.

Where was the Ad Vertiser's sense of transparency when Steve Delaney wrapped the front end of his Buick around the utility pole on Osborn and drove off after a night at the Sombrero?

Transparency seems to only work when it's in the best interests of the Ad Vertiser's revenue stream.

It's never about making the community safer or better.

It's never about exposing corrupt politicians.

It's all about the Ad Vertiser's bottom line for their Kansas carpetbagger owners.


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Expose Our Drunks


I see the newspaper is espousing transparency.

Where were they when the public was clamoring for the story about the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards getting a ride home instead of a DUI?

Or when the drunk ex-mayor Bill Ell wanted "pure and ethical" Bruce Slagle to complete his own personnel evaluation?

Or when the drunk ex-mayor Bill Ell was advised Doug Worden was cooking the city's books?

Or when Worden replaced all the city's computers and destroyed the hard drives before he left office and moved to his taxpayer-funded home in the Ozarks?

The crowd on South Main needs to shine the flashlight in their own mirror. Only then will there be transparency. Then shine the light in the bars where all these rats sniff each others butt.


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Go Ahead


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18 June

The Queen Comes Calling


"Democratic Presidential Candidate and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the home of retired Burlington School Teachers Chris and Don Harter on Sunday as part of her 2016 presidential run."

The heir apparent to the Kenyan's crown was in town. The Democrat Party's lady in waiting was in Burlington telling why the scepter should be given to her.

No stranger to the palace, Her Highness Hillary referenced her husband's book "My Life." Not all what Bill Clinton has become known for during his life was on the list of why the Clintons should rule anew.

The regal legal licensed couple's strife due to hubby Bill's sexual harassment war on women was not a subject of Hillary's stump speech. None of the women Hillary's husband has harassed rate a center fold in hubby Bill's book.

"ďI was raised to believe itís your duty, itís your responsibility, that you should vote. [So] letís make it as easy as we can starting with universal, automatic voter registration for every 18 year old,Ē said Clinton."

State Senator Tom Courtney was reported as attending the royal reception. As a foe of restricting vote fraud, Hillary's announcement should have warmed his heart. Nothing was said about protecting the voting rights of those residing in Aspen Grove.

"Following Clintonís remarks, media were quickly told to leave the room and questions from a number of reporters were ignored."

The more you know about Hillary Clinton, the more likely she will not ascend to the throne.

Game of Thrones

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Hillary Charges $200K for Children's Fund Raiser - Keeps All $200K


"When Condoleezza Rice headlined a 2009 fundraising luncheon for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, she collected a $60,000 speaking fee, then donated almost all of it back to the club, according to multiple sources familiar with the clubís finances.

Hillary Clinton was not so generous to the small charity, which provides after-school programs to underprivileged children across the Southern California city. Clinton collected $200,000 to speak at the same event five years later, but she donated nothing back to the club, which raised less than half as much from Clintonís appearance as from Riceís, according to the sources and tax filings.

Instead, Clinton steered her speaking fee to her familyís own sprawling $2 billion charity.

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17 June

Gas Bag Builds Groundswell


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The Hillary Rag on South Main


Hillary Clinton brought her presidential road show to Burlington. The national press dutifully followed from the coast. The local press was there as well.

KBUR news covered Hillary's appearance. The Burlington Ad Vertiser sent a representative.

Hillary Clinton wants the press to quote what she says and nothing more. The national press has reported on Hillary avoiding their questions. KBUR news reported that fact as well.

"Following Clintonís remarks, media were quickly told to leave the room and questions from a number of reporters were ignored."

What sayeth the Burlington Ad Vertiser? Nada.

Not a word was said in the Ad Vertiser story on Hillary's Burlington appearance about the press being booted from the room. Not a word in the Ad Vertiser about Hillary refusing to answer questions from the press.

Always is the time for the Burlington Ad Vertiser to come to the aid of Hillary's party. The Burlington Ad Vertiser does not seek the truth if the truth does not serve the Ad Vertiser's agenda.

First and foremost The Burlington Ad Vertiser seeks advertising.

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16 June

She's Taking Water


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12 June

Hillary - Empty Chair 2XL

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Fabric of a President


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11 June

The Old Lady Caves


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10 June

Bench Warmer


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