Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

02 October

Sliced and Diced Jack Hatch

Liberal Fileted and Julienned by Progressive Tom Courtney


"It's devastating news for his campaign that just 35 days out his campaign is essentially broke," Ketzner said about Hatch. "If he can't manage his campaign checkbook, how can he manage the state's checkbook?"

Liberal candidate for Governor of Iowa Jack Hatch is getting a lesson in economics. If you can not meet the demands of the market you fail. Jack Hatch doesn't have the jack to buy television time.

If fellow liberals like State Senator Courtney pass the hat at the union hall, the Hatch/Vernon campaign could be back on the air spreading its message. Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon could pay to host infomercials

While demonstrating the new, made by Chinese political prisoners Slice-O-Matic, Jack and Monica could jack their jaws about how the Slice-O-Matic will create jobs on Iowa truck farms. The important 2:00 A. M. viewing in Muscatine County demographic could make the difference.

The important info to be taken from Jack Hatch and Monica Vernon's television disappearance is liberals fail.

Ron Coe

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To Vote, or Not to Vote


Burlington's city council is dead locked. Should a vacancy on the council be filled by the council, or should a special election be held?

If the council appoints they are liable to turn to a former council member. Burlington has a host of failed city council alumni to chose from. A special election costs taxpayers thousands of dollars. An election victor's term will only be about a year.

A more civil form of trial by combat may work. Like state high school basketball tournaments, hold a series of duels among office seekers. Paint ball pistols at 20 paces.

Choosing the winner will be messy. Burlington has by election created bigger messes.

A. Burr

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Obama Only Attended 42% of His Intel Briefings

Totally Inept & Incompetent

"A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through September 29, 2014.

The GAI report also included a breakdown of Obama’s PDB attendance record between terms; he attended 42.4% of his PDBs in his first term and 41.3% in his second.

The GAI’s alarming findings come on the heels of Obama’s 60 Minutes comments on Sunday, wherein the president laid the blame for the Islamic State’s (ISIS) rapid rise squarely at the feet of his Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

“I think our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” said Obama.

According to Daily Beast reporter Eli Lake, members of the Defense establishment were “flabbergasted” by Obama’s attempt to shift blame.

Either the president doesn’t read the intelligence he’s getting or he’s bullshitting,” a former senior Pentagon official “who worked closely on the threat posed by Sunni jihadists in Syria and Iraq” told the Daily Beast."

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01 October

Obama's Empty Suit = Empty Shelves

The Results of The Progressive Direction


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30 September

Sittin' Out The Game


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29 September

From The Stone Age to The Jet Age


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26 September

And He's Still an Indifferent Criminal


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Unicorn of A Different Color


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25 September

Bruce Braley Neighbor, Lifelong Democrat Threatened Over Backyard Chickens, Backs Joni Ernst In Iowa

Chickens Come Home to Roost for Dumb Cluck

"The next-door neighbor who Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) threatened with legal action over four pet chickens that occasionally wandered into his lawn said she has made up her mind to back the GOP Senate candidate this fall – a break from decades of pulling the lever for Democrats.

“I do believe I'm going to vote for Joni Ernst. And like I said, I haven't voted for a Republican since the Reagan years,” Pauline Hampton, Braley's neighbor, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

The move by Hampton comes days after Braley suggested she was a “bad neighbor” in an interview with CNN, telling anchor Dana Bash “What's so strange about this story is it's an example of where, when somebody else's animals are in your yard, you're the bad neighbor.”

Hampton said she was “flabbergasted” by Braley's most recent comments and compared him to a bratty teenager.

“It sounds like actually like an adolescent, if you want my honest opinion,” Hampton said."

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Commander Chai Tea


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24 September

The Straw Man's Feet


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23 September

Keokuk Schools Hit The Wall

IowaLive Generates $130,000+ report on Keokuk School District to Create Awareness

With Awareness You Find Improvement

Greetings Keokuk Community School District Board Members: Jane Abell, Mike Beaird--President, John Davis, Alka Khanolkar, Mark Pfaffe, Sandra Stark--Vice President, Carriee Steele, Supt. Tim Hood, Governor Branstad and all—

Superintendent Hood is requested to forward this post to all administrators and teachers so they will know exactly what it says, and so they can provide their better numbers if they claim to have them. Thank you very much!

The top Line: Improvement starts with AWARENESS of the problem! Iowa’s colleges and universities are highly paid to, but don’t train teachers how to teach, nor do they teach administrators how to manage. All get annual pay raises as students fail to learn up to International grade levels—and students are bogusly blamed for school failures. And the evil ISEA teachers union says nothing, as it doesn’t care about Iowa’s kids!

The 2014 State Report Card https://www.educateiowa.gov/sites/files/ed/documents/2014StateReportCard.pdf just released by the Dept. of Education, shows Keokuk’s following failed Iowa and NCLB academic requirements:

1. The Keokuk Hawthorne Elementary School is on the Iowa Watch list for failures in both math and reading.

2. The Keokuk Middle School has failed NCLB reading requirements for 10 consecutive years

3. The Keokuk High School has failed both math and reading NCLB requirements for 9 consecutive years

4. The Keokuk District has failed both math and reading NCLB requirements for up to 2 consecutive years

Is this Heaven? NO! It’s Keokuk Iowa!!

This KEOKUK’S AWARENESS news release is likely the most comprehensive evaluation of the Keokuk community school district ever performed--and it was done in response to a citizen’s request, at no cost to the district, for a savings of at least $130,000.

This AWARENESS news release, on Keokuk’s School District performance, presents numbers that show exactly why news reports are overflowing with compelling evidence of costly, poor student achievement throughout Iowa. Iowa’s students are ranked in the bottom third of the nation’s schools, whose U. S. students are ranked in the bottom third Internationally.

Iowa state school district rankings, displayed on websites listed farther below, clearly show the Keokuk school district is ranked at or near the bottom half of Iowa’s schools, in 4th reading. What are Keokuk’s 5th grade teachers supposed to do with students who weren't taught to read in 3rd and 4th grades--and so on up the grades? As shown farther below, the district is ranked near the bottom in other subjects.

But before you read on in this news release and become depressed, here is some good news. Judy Hintz owns and operates Educational Resource Associates in West Des Moines, and routinely teaches students Iowa schools didn’t teach, and falsely claim can’t be taught. You can learn about this on website: TEACHING--JUDY HINTZ DOES IT WHILE OTHERS TALK ABOUT IT Judy’s teachers are effectively trained how to teach and are great teachers! Similar teacher greatness is also realized by the U. S. Dept. of Education:



Now back to more bad Iowa school news.

Website and the attached charts show the sharp decline in teen mind development caused by curriculum and teaching method changes through the years.

Iowa teachers, such as Keokuk’s, are victims, who paid colleges and universities handsomely to train them how to teach—and they were disastrously misled and swindled, as reported in the Poor Teacher Quality link in the following table and on websites: http://www.nctq.org/teacherPrep/review2014/district/ and http://www.nctq.org/teacherPrep/review2014/findings/byState/index.jsp?state=IA

Hard and honestly as honest teachers try, such as about 27% of Keokuk’s teachers, they can’t bring students up to Iowa’s diminished grade level (40th National Percentile Rank), much less national and international grade levels (95th National Percentile Rank). And to make matters even worse, administrators (who are also victims of Iowa colleges and universities) weren’t taught how to manage effectively. They can’t define the root cause of the problem, much less solve it—so they blame the students, while the culprit colleges and universities are held blameless, and get fat pay raises.

Iowa colleges and universities got an overall grade of D, for teacher training. And teachers, students and Iowa taxpayers suffer greatly as a result!! And the ISEA teacher’s union is an obstacle to progress—and 28% of Keokuk’s teachers know it and can’t do anything about it. THE UGLY IMPACTS ON IOWANS--ISEA TEACHER UNION--IA. PUBLIC ENEMY # 1

The following Iowalive table presents a summary of unacceptable Keokuk school district performance, which unfortunately is typical of at least 30% of Iowa schools, including 7 of Iowa’s 8 largest school districts.


** http://www.dailygate.com/news/article_0b4f4264-3f48-11e4-a108-83b753a802a6.html


Where is the Keokuk school board policy to prevent students from consecutively having 2 or more poor teachers?

Where is the district’s recovery plan for these academically abused students?

Why won’t board members visit Judy Hintz’ school in West Des Moines, to see what a good one looks like?

What are the district’s policies on whistle blowers, cheating and its punishment?

Who is concerned about the large amount of school waste?

Who is in charge of teaching Keokuk’s students up to International grade level?

What are the consequences for failure to teach students to International grade level or better?

Newspapers won’t ask or report answers to the above questions.

Please notice the higher the influence and clout, the lower the operating efficiency in the following table!


Iowa schools could be considered hopeless, if not for what Judy Hintz is routinely accomplishing. Unfortunately, Iowa school officials, newspaper editors, teacher union officials and others will not visit her and see for themselves what she routinely achieves--with students the schools falsely claim can’t be taught.

An honest Keokuk school official, and some supporters, would be wise to visit Judy’s school—and stop listening to the falsehoods spewed by other school officials and the teacher’s union et. al., in the defective student cult. But it appears the board was deviously selected and elected by the teacher’s union, so there is little hope anything will improve at Keokuk, for quite some time.


The defective student cult, of flawed thinking academies, dislikes such academic rankings, but have nothing better to offer. The cult conveniently tries to avoid accountability and responsibility by completely blaming students for poor school performance. Observing and recognizing what Judy Hintz accomplishes completely negates defective student cult thinking. That is why these cultists ignore her and her accomplishments!! And they are getting away with it, and their lifetime abuse of students as well.

Iowalive expects there are 3 such cultists on the Keokuk school board who are supporting a cultist superintendent. And of course the evil, cultist, ISEA teacher’s union orchestrates behind the scenes--far out of public sight. Decertification of that union is essential to achieving even national student achievement levels.

Iowalive is vividly reminded that Polk Elementary in Cedar Rapids was making outstanding ‘defective student’ achievement gains—totally debunking defective student cultists in the process. Polk was then suddenly and arbitrarily closed and ISEA union official Tammy Wawro left the Cedar Rapids district to become President of the ISEA teacher’s union. No similar gains have been made in that district since then. Not even close. The heroes who worked at Polk were conveniently scattered and subdued throughout the district.

Polk demolished the defective student myth, and was closed for doing so.
But back to Keokuk’s bad news.

Website http://www.iowalive.net/4threadingrank2013.htm shows Keokuk 4th reading ranked 160th in the State.

Website http://www.iowalive.net/11thmathrank2013.htm shows Keokuk 11th math ranked 302nd in the State’s 314 schools tested

Website http://www.iowalive.net/statescienceranking.htm shows Keokuk ranked 310th in 5th, 8th and 11th SCIENCE RANKING OF 367 IA. SCHOOL DISTRICTS

Website http://www.iowalive.net/percentinspecialed.htm shows Keokuk has 16.92% of its 1,903 students in special education—which is worse than Des Moines and 304 other Iowa school districts. If Judy Hintz, owner of Educational Resource Associates in West Des Moines, was in charge, Keokuk would have 0% students in special education.

Website http://www.iowalive.net/ranking8.htm shows Keokuk ranked 350th of 368 school districts in STATE RANKING OF IOWA SCHOOLS’ HONESTY & INTEGRITY

Website http://www.iowalive.net/50yearsofschoolfailures.htm shows 50 years of Iowa school failures and costly, failed fixes.

Visit website http://www.iowalive.net/ and search for many more links to Iowa school rankings including Keokuk.




A growing network of volunteer citizens and professionals for improving Iowa

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What Bell?


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22 September

Siemens to Buy Dresser-Rand

"Siemens is buying US firm Dresser-Rand in a $7.6bn (£4.6bn) deal which will help the German conglomerate boost its oil and gas business in North America.

The American firm makes oilfield equipment and, under the deal, it will become "the platform for oil and gas equipment solutions within Siemens".

The German firm said its $83-a-share bid had been unanimously supported by Dresser-Rand's board of directors.

Siemens is hopeful the transaction will be completed by next summer."

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19 September

Can Kicker-in-Chief


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18 September

Cocoon Attendant Valerie

"Krauthammer: 'Obama Clearly a Narcissist,' 'Lives In a Cocoon Surrounded By Sycophants"


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Media Blocks For Hillary


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16 September

Why Burlington is Broke is Not News


"Why is Burlington Broke?"

So screams the headline atop page 1 of the Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014, Burlington Ad Vertiser. This maybe news to those whose only source of information is the Ad Vertiser. Why is not news to readers of Burlington Derailed?

The Ad Vertiser cited poor decisions by local leaders. In Burlington's case, the fish truly rots from the head down. Review some old reviews of liberal, intoxicated and/or in general incompetent people we put in power:

The Drunk Ex-Mayor

The Drunk Ex-Mayor's replacement, Lost Keys Bill Ell, another drunk mayor.

State Senator Tom Courtney.

Former City Manager Bruce Slagle.

Former keeper of the city's cash Doug Worden.

Above are some of the prime suspects. If you are interested in others, type their name in the search box at the left and see what comes up. Has the statue of limitations gone into effect yet? If not, call for top notch forensic accountants.

The railroad shops closing was enough of a blow to Burlington. Burlington's leaders' response was a, "Without merit," lawsuit against a BNSF predecessor railroad. Decide to sue at a secret meeting of dubious legality. Insult to injury as we paid the legal fees thus going deeper in the hole.

Foolish economic projects and city owned money pits were also cited by the Ad Vertiser. The value of an Empty Lot Manor Mall, the Rec - Plex, Flint Hills golf course, etc. have all been questioned by Burlington Derailed. One a positive note, it now is easier to book a tee time at Flint Hills on a Friday afternoon than it was five years ago.

Burlington's woes go back before the turn of this century. A city of 33,000 plus in 1970 has shrunk to 26,000 plus in the 2010 census. Add in high unemployment, inflation adjusted lower wage rates and an aging population. Burlington's obligations have not shrunk as a result. Burlington's obligations continue to grow.

The solution, Grow Greater Burlington, Brian Tapp and Dennis Hinkle. TIF your way to prosperity. Boost Italy's tourist trade and Burlington's crime rate.

What of the peoples right to know?

The 1st Amendment applies to advertising as free speech. Besides subscription fees, the cost of goods and services advertised in the Ad Vertiser is reflected in their purchase price. We all pay in one way, or another. Other than he said, she said, how much investigative reporting did the Ad Vertiser's editorial management assign at the time these errors occurred?

Two reputable sources other than Burlington Derailed, Lockwood Greene and Angelou, have assessed the Ad Vertiser's negative net worth.

"Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it," has been stated in many forms by many. The issue is not placing blame. The issue is Burlington's future. Going broke applied the brakes. We are digging out from under a pile of fools' debt. Then what?

Why Burlington is broke is history. The real question is will Burlington's citizens be informed of the whole truth of what is going on and take action to prevent it from happening again?

B. Colyer

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Obama's Answer to '13 Hours In Benghazi'

New Book Chronicles Obama's Most Abject Foreign Policy Blunder


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Conjuror In Chief


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15 September

Too Broke To Be Happy


"10 Happiest Cities in Iowa."

You will find Ottumwa, but you will not find Burlington.


We're too broke to be happy.


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12 September

The Foreign Policy Puppeteer


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11 September

Unfortunate Loss of Becky Shockley


It is very unfortunate the citizens of Burlington have lost Councilwoman Becky Shockley. In the 8 months Becky has been on the city council, the council finally began to wake up to their fiscal responsibility after being placed into a trance by Bruce Slagle and Doug Worden.

Not much hope remains that the budget cuts that need to be made to control the unchecked spending habits will ever see the light of day. No one else has the guts to make the hard decisions.

There is no one to consider a criminal forensic examination of Bruce Slagle and Doug Worden's cooked books after the computers were all replaced prior to Worden's retirement.

And if you look at the downside to Becky's tenure you can bear witness to the reasons not to stay a minute longer than what her new job allows.

Becky had death threats made from an individual that is known to police but the threat was dismissed by the police chief. Others that knew the threat said to take the threat very seriously.

Both Becky Shockley and Becky Anderson were referred to by Publisher Steve Delaney, Editor of The Hawkeye, when Delaney announced publicly at The Sombrero(Pole Dancer Delaney's Achilles Heal): "The problem with the City Council is the two c**** sitting up there."

Publisher Steve Delaney's smallest minion Randy Miller wrote lies about his relationship with the Shockley's after trashing them over their business decisions.

This and a lot more outright slanderous remarks and outrageous behavior occurred when the Shockley gravy train of ad revenue ended after hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue ceased flowing into Delaney's Kansas Carpetbaggers' hands. Don't think the newspapers' other advertisers haven't made note of Delaney's drunken business conduct. After all, two consulting groups have deemed The Hawkeye to be one of the biggest detriments to the community.

Tim Scott made a reference to the two Becky's that they are "like the lady from Dixon Illinois." This was before Scott assaulted Becky Anderson during a council meeting.

All this while the city makes its social downslide into inner city woes.

Burlington desperately needed Becky Shockley. But like the many qualified potential city council candidates, Becky has better things to do. She will be missed.


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