Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

08 September

Grow Some Balls You Pompous Ass: Then See Item #2 Below

"What is it you want us to do?" Ell asked Shockley. "

Grow some balls you pompous ass. You've sat in that chair for so many years without doing anything but wiping Worden's nose along with your pampered lot of incompetent city jackasses, you more than lost track of the school keys. You've lost your mind.

And while you're pulling your head out of Worden's butt you might ask your police chief what the hell he is doing about the Gasland mob robbery.

So there's your checklist Mayor:

1. Grow some balls

2. Stop kissing Worden's ass

3. Stop kissing the city employees' asses

4. Pull your head out of Worden's butt

5. Demand some immediate action to protect the citizens from the Gasland criminals you have let scamper away. They don't work for the city.


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This Story Should Have Been on The Cover Above The Fold

'Comments anger union officials'


Chief union advocates Ad Vertiser editor Steve Delaney and Rex Troute sure exercised their editorial control over the outrageous story buried on page 3 of Wednesday's rag.

Hiding the controversy over the outrageous city and county employee health insurance coverage won't make it go away.

I have no insurance. I would love to have an insurance plan that I only contributed 20% to.

And I sure as hell won't forget that when it comes time to vote.


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Hoffa Is a Bum Just like The Ol' Man


Hoffa is just a bum earning a living off the backs of the few workers who enjoy some hemp and alcohol during their lunch breaks over at the Chrysler factory in Detroit. Now if one wants to see the results of a union made town take a look.

Now this is what happened to Detroit over the last 50+ years compared to a nonunion town blown to pieces by the Atomic Bomb some 50+ years ago. This is what happens to a town when it’s forced to pay extreme union wages and benefits. Hoffa is trying to reinvent the Dinosaur with his hate speech about the Tea Party and anyone else in order to maintain his easy living off the backs of others. Of course Obama goes along with Hoffa because they buy his support and special interest mandates and he’s not going to cut his own source of revenue off, is he?

Obama himself shells out $20 million to have three houses insulated out in Washington State and doesn’t bat an eye because he doesn’t know a thing about economics or working for a living because he’s obviously risen through the government run hand out system his entire life.


John McCain said recent numbers indicate jobs created by stimulus funding cost $282,000 per job.


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