Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

25 May

Who'll Stop the Drain?


"The Burlington Micropolitan area lost around 300 residents in 2016, according to estimates released yesterday by the US Census Bureau."

This really is not news. This has been an ongoing trend for almost half a century.

Those who were productive, solid citizens retire and die. The dwindling number of young with any intelligence and ambition flee. Local politicians welcome Section 8 immigrants. Bumping up the numbers gathers more state and federal money doled out on a per capita basis.

Not all Section 8 immigrants are undesirable. An unhealthy percentage of Section 8ers receive EBT cards and enliven the police blotter of the Burlington Ad Vertiser.

How much longer until the population dwindles to where the Census Bureau deletes Burlington as a micropolitan area?

Minnie Folker

posted at 14:29:59 on 05/25/17 by SPIKE - Category: General


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