Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

16 August

The Days of Wine and Hosers


Tim Scott's resignation from the Burlington City Council hopefully marks the ending of an era.

Scott was a fool on the City Council when it was dominated by fools and drunks. The city council back then spent like drunken sailors. Their wastrel ways Doug Worden covered up shifting money from Peter to pay Paul.

A tin pot dictator of a City Manager orchestrated it all. The great defender of the public's right to know, the Ad Vertiser, had nary a word to say about what was happening. Thanks to Spike for filling the void.

The party started breaking up when the Drunk Mayor resigned. The dictator City Manager left. Worden wormed his way into being City Manager, got his retirement and got out of town.

A competent City Manager was hired. Jim Ferneau went through the books and dropped a lit match through a manhole cover. The resulting methane blast exposed what many paying attention suspected. Ferneau pointed the way to clean up the mess Scott and others helped create.

Scott's harassing Ferneau to resign as City Manager is perhaps the last blow from the old gang who tormented Burlington a decade ago.

Good luck and good fortune to Mr. Ferneau in his future endeavors.

As for Tim Scott, just go away.

D. T.

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