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24 August

Former Loebsack IT Specialist Indicted

Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz Falls Silent


"Imran Awan, a former IT aide for Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was indicted Thursday on four counts including bank fraud and making false statements."

"Awan and other IT aides for House Democrats have been on investigators’ radar for months over concerns of possible double-billing, alleged equipment theft, and access to sensitive computer systems. Most lawmakers fired Awan in February, but Schultz had kept him on until his arrest in July."

Among those other House Democrats who used Awan, Inc. is our very own Congressman Dave Loebsack. Our Congressman has some explaining to do.

Will legacy media in Iowa's 2nd Congressional District ask our Congressman any questions regarding his dealings with the Anwans? Did the Anwans possibly receive double payments for services rendered to our congressman? Is all equipment account for? Worse yet, was any sensitive information possibly compromised in Congressman Loebsack's office?

The next time Congressman Loebsack visits our area, is the Burlington Ad Vertiser up to the task?

Pat K. Stan

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