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05 September

Edwards and Ell Need To Resign


I think Edwards and Ell need to resign. Between the railroad lawsuit and the lost school keys these two lied to the public and it cost us a lot of money.

Edwards and Ell both wanted to give Slagle another pay raise because of the good job he was doing. Do they feel that way now after Slagle burned the tapes?

Edwards and Ell are not good for Burlington and the other council members should ask them to resign Tuesday night and accept their resignation, Tuesday night.

We don't need liars with a pattern of deception running this city. These guys are more than thugs and bums.


They won't resign because they don't have the mental faculties to realize their lies and devious behavior is abnormal.

Maybe we can recall Edwards and put enough heat on Lost Keys to resign before he gets a vote count similar to SL King.


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