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06 September

Edwards & Ell Are Finished

I've said it many times, Edwards & Ell need to be shown the door. And The Twins' belligerent outbursts during Monday night's council meeting only show how out of control these guys are. And, how utterly incompetent they both are.

When a local citizen called for Edwards to apologize to Councilman Mike Campbell Edwards replied, I told Mike in the work session he was right and that is as far as it is going to go. Sounds typical. Little people offer to resign when they know there won't be enough votes to get it done. Even smaller people can't admit they made a mistake.

Then, Councilman Garry Thomas tried to answer a citizen's question about Slagle's tape burning when the Big Gas Bag, Lost Keys Ell took Thomas to task. Ell said it was a conflict until the 30 days were up in the lawsuit or some other crazy talk.

Fortunately, Thomas snapped Ell's crap right off at the lip and told Ell never to do it again.

Better go look for those lost keys, Bill. You stand a better chance of that instead of trying to fill your Hush Puppies with your condescending attitude of self-importance.

I swear, I have never seen anything like this preposterous behavior from anything other than drunk monkeys.

Scott, Thomas and Campbell better be heads up on how they fix these problems at City Hall. Everybody is watching and everybody is keeping score.


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