Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

19 September

Citizen Turns Up Council Heat - Major Whoopass!

Resident John Fenton Hammers Council

Last night local resident John Fenton asked City Manager Bruce Slagle, Mayor Edwards and Lost Keys Ell for their resignation because of their role in the failed BNSF lawsuit.

Fenton asked the council many tough questions that for the most part went unanswered. And considering the questions, I see why.

The behavior of Lost Keys Ell, Edwards and especially that jackass Slagle were the reason Burlington is on the map today.

The biggest disappointment was Lost Keys Bill Ell. Ell kept hammering at Fenton to find out where he did his homework. When Fenton didn’t answer Lost Keys got more belligerent and told Fenton his facts were wrong.

When Fenton shot back, “What facts were wrong?” Lost Keys was at a total loss for even one itty-bitty example. Nothing, nada, zippo. Ell could not name one thing!!!

From where I sat, John Fenton did what more people need to do, take these three accomplices to task for their role in deceiving Burlington citizens as to their capacity to govern for the good of the community.

It looked more like the lunch crowd got caught, out to lunch.

We’ll try to get Fenton’s remarks. If we do, look for them right here.

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