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03 October

Depot Project Scrapped - Taxpayers To Pay Bill

Regional Planning Abandons Downtown Burlington

During Monday's council call in session "Lost Keys" Bill Ell told us that after the thousands of dollars paid to Metzger Johnson to study the depot for the relocation of Southeast Iowa Regional Planning, Regional Planning now wants to move to the Southeast Community College campus in West Burlington.

Lost Keys said that Regional Planning's Executive Director Brian Tapp doesn't want to move to the depot. With this expected move, it is readily apparent that Brian Tapp could care less about supporting downtown Burlington or being within hailing distance of city hall.

I believe the city paid about $50,000 for the depot analysis. Maybe that jackass Tapp can go to his bags of money and reimburse the Burlington taxpayers.

Better yet, don't stop at West Burlington, just keep heading west Tapp.

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