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08 May

"Lost Key" Bill Ell Has New Reason For BNSF Lawsuit

It's Not About Jobs, It's Not About Money

It's About "Protecting The Citizens' Interests"

According to this morning's newspaper "Lost Key" Bill Ell stated Friday the true reason for the BNSF lawsuit. Ell said, "It's clearly a breach of contract and we do need to defend the citizens' interests."

This comes from the guy that was Fire Chief when the fire department lost the school master key. "Lost Key" Ell then withheld the incident from the city council FOR 7 MONTHS even though the council had paid the bill for replacement locks.

Keys get lost. Although costly, that's a part of doing business.

But not admitting a mistake and then covering it up; that's outright deceit. Something "Lost Key" appears to freely condone.

"Lost Key" clearly didn't defend the citizens' interests then. Why would he so graciously do that now?

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