Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

20 May

“Lost Keys” Ell Says “We Have A Good Case….Worth The Investment”

Mayor Thinks Counterclaim Is A Scare Tactic “We’ve Got To See It Through”

Spike, “You Better Be Scared, You Don’t Have A Thing Going In Your Favor”

This morning “Lost Keys” Bill Ell said that he believes the city has a good case against the BNSF railroad. Ell said, “I’m thinking we should be able to win this.” I suppose you based that opinion on the unbiased advice you’re getting from your golf buddy Slagle.

Somebody should direct “Lost Keys” to BurlingtonDerailed.com for some enlightenment. Ell needs to stop reading Power’s memos. Ell needs to READ the 1985 agreement AND the counter claim filed against the city. Then tell us that he believes we have a good case.

Who knows, maybe “Lost Keys” really does believe everything Power says. Or maybe he doesn’t like to admit to a mistake when an old fashioned cover up will do.

Meanwhile, the mayor has been pictorially demoted to below the fold. In the front page article the mayor's picture was placed below "Lost Keys." Edwards is now in 2nd place behind the council’s new spokesman “Lost Keys” right beneath "Lost Keys" photo.

I guess the newspaper feels the way many taxpayers do. With everyone playing charades, nobody is in control.

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