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03 February

A Benchmark for Slagle's Pay?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow!


Slagle claims it was a photo finish for the Marion City Managers job. To his buddy the Drunk Mayor, that means Slagle is worth more money.

Seeing how the new City Manager in Marion is starting out at $110,025, do you think the Drunk Mayor will propose Slagle be paid twice as much?

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette -


"The City Council last night set the annual salary for new City Manager Lon Pluckhahn at $110,025. Pluckhahn, who will begin his duties March 5, is the city manager of Platteville, Wis. Pluckhahn also will receive $4,000 to cover the costs of relocation."


From what we hear it was no photo finish unless you use a movie camera.

Edwards has several more years to repay Slagle for his Burger King sleepover. With "Lost Keys" somewhere over the rainbow they only need one more vote.

All that crap about a sidewalk and demolition program is lunacy. To get that $60,000 "Lost Keys" will promote a fire department layoff.

Those bozos have no idea what financial management is. If you shorted them a dollar on their paycheck they'd sue. And they are all bad tippers like most Mindless Lemming Leeches are.


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