Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

15 June

City Council


I agree with our council and Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Ell's suggestion to appoint a volunteer council person to fill the vacant seat until the November election. If a petition is gathered by the citizens to hold an election, they should support that too. After all, the citizens have a right to select their representative, more so than the current council. I agree to save the cost of an election, when one is so near.

I question Ell's strong desire to save the taxpayers' money. He said he should be a good steward of the citizens' tax dollars. True!

So why didn't Bill Ell and the council take this same taxpayer safe guard when they sued the railroad and wasted over $300,000 of taxpayer money? Now Ell is concerned with a $9,000 election cost? That was the biggest waste and poorest decision in the history of any council.

It was obvious to anyone that could read that the City would lose this lawsuit. The attorneys made a lot of money, and everybody else lost. Didn't Ell say all along that we have a winnable case. How ridiculous! I would feel ashamed if I spent the citizens hard earn money like that.

concerned taxpayer

Lost Keys Ell professed loudly and at the direction of his Lordship Slagle, "We have a winnable case." Ell wouldn't know a winnable case from the location of the lost school keys. Both are hopelessly lost, forever.

If the people of this community want more of the same crap that Edwards brought to the table, vote for Lost Keys Ell. You'll get a royal dose of Dumb Ass Mayors, Part Deux.


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