Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

02 July

Lost Keys Ell The New Mayor

Bob Saar begged for Ell’s vote from Campbell. Murray showed his true colors in his nomination of Ell. Thomas said he had the most charisma.

Murray and Scott added to Lost Keys vote to land Mumbles in his role as mayor in the 2nd ballot.

Instead of a drunk now we have a leader for the community that withheld the fact that the keys to the school had been lost and kept that loss from the city council and the citizens for over 5 months and ultimately led to the taxpayers coughing up $57,000 in attorney fees paid to Scott Power.

Golfing buddies with Slagle, Slagle’s pocket pool player and now Puppet Mayor.

The vote was 3-2 to elect Garry Thomas as mayor pro-tem.

So will someone tell me how much better off we are now. Maybe Bob Saar can spin up some Ted Nugent tonight and tell us how good this is and how he got designated the Ad Vertiser's city hall lobbyist.


Oh yeah, Mary Baker showed up wanting to know what mayor pro tem meant.

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