Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

14 August

Ell Whistling Through His Shorts


According to the Hawk Eye
Mayor Bill Ell responded, "I just have the feeling I'm being coerced here by the railroad. I don't know if that's true but they're asking us to spend some fairly large dollars for something they created, and I don't know how much benefit the railroad is to Burlington at this point."

You think Ell and the rest would have learned their lesson in Davenport. The BNSF is not a big Lionel train set for these children to operate as they see fit. Children playing on the railroad tracks get run over.

True, it is no longer 1907 when every thing and body came in and out of town on the train. This is not to say rail is no longer an asset to a community. Who the hell would locate any sizable industrial plant or bulk distribution center here without rail access? Their beloved and subsidized ethanol plant would pull the plug without rail.

Something the railroad created is called Burlington. Burlington is something the likes of Ell and company have been destroying.

Only a fool would wonder what benefit a railroad's main line is to Burlington. A better question to ask is what value are idiots like Ell to Burlington.


I'll say this, Lost Keys Ell has been consistent. Consistently out of touch with reality, the world and what they hell goes on that he misses when he is off looking for the lost keys to the schools.

I cannot fathom that this guy has any sort of clue other than to tie his shoe laces each day. On the day the BNSF, Iowa DOT, the consultants and Bob Saar are all trying to work the quiet zone deal, our Mayor demonstrates his entire intellectual capacity in one remark. I'll bet that dumb ass remark went over real big with the railroad.

I suppose you could call hot air flipping through an old man's pants whistling. But it don't smell like hot air and it reminds me of why he was asked to leave a liquor store down South on !

If Lost Keys was 10 years younger I'd swear he used LSD.


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