Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

10 October

Ell To Be Upset By Lies & Deceit

We're going to have a month long opportunity to send Lost Keys Bill Ell home.

It's going to start with his management and lack of leadership at the Fire Department. And the lost keys will only scrape the dirt off.

It will end with this buffoon's diluted cerebral mush regarding the railroad lawsuit. "It's about the jobs!"

If the citizens of this city put this incompetent boob back in office, you folks deserve everything Ell, Slagle and Power are going to ram down our throats.

This guy should have been on the porch years ago. Fired.

I just can't get by Ell's outright, blatant lies to the public and city council as a city employee.

Who does Bill Ell think he is, Hans Trousil?


posted at 01:10:00 on 10/10/07 by SPIKE - Category: General


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