Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

25 January

City Council Meeting


I do not know Leon Shahan, only from watching the city council meetings. We did watch the council meeting Tuesday night. We are in agreement that Shahan may sometimes be overbearing and criticize the council too much, but he sure is not wrong all of the time.

Thanks to Leon for going and asking questions. In fairness, he was 100% correct when he questioned everything on this Manor project and he said if Muir pulled out it would be a financial disaster. He was right. Bill Ell was wrong. Leon Shahan is smarter than Ell in many areas.

We should remember how Mayor Ell, Slagle and some of the council acted during this whole process when they were questioned by any citizen about this Manor Retail Development. They were very cocky, arrogant and they knew it all. This was going to be a sure thing and nothing was stopping it.

Ell said this was going to grow our tax base so we could provide more services. What Ell didn't think through, was it was going to take 20 years before we see a profit.

As it turns out, they are not near as smart as they thought they were. And they are going to have a high maintenance cost to take care of 23 acres, unless they let it grow up in weeds. Not to mention the $80,000 per year of taxpayer money that they lost. They sure do not understand how a purchase agreement works, or they just didn't read it!


Lost Keys didn't read any part of the purchase agreement or any other document related to anything since he lost the school keys. That's why he looks so stupid. He just let his "best friend" Slagle slide the paperwork under his nose and Ell stamped it like a good little boy.

Now he's read it and he still doesn't get it. He lied through his teeth and got caught doing it.

He doesn't realize that either.


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