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14 March

Crooked Power's Billing Left To Imagination


This is a letter I received from the city yesterday.

John Fenton

This is absolutely outrageous. Scott Power should be disbarred.

Why won't the city provide copies of the actual billing? What is that crooked lawyer hiding? Let us see each and every entry this incompetent boob writes down.

It just proves our point made time and time again. Scott Power has screwed the taxpayers for 10 years with the complicity of Bruce Slagle, Doug Worden and every city council that sat in the chairs. You are all responsible and should be sued and removed from office.

I see Lost Keys and the rest of the little girls hid behind Worden's skirt.

The council needs to pull the plug on Scott Power and flush his crap right down Hawkeye Creek. The old lawyer joke about nothing lower than whale poop sure comes to mind.

And frankly, Scott Power gives every good lawyer a black eye. And every bad lawyer an atta boy!


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