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09 April

Can't Stand The Thoughts of Lost Keys' Financial Mismanagement


I see Lost Keys can't stand the thought of spending $20,000 to find a qualified city manager.

I can't stand the thought Lost Keys cost this city $58,000 for the lost school key incident he lied about and tried to cover up or the $400,000 in legal fees for Ell's "winnable case" railroad lawsuit he tried to shovel down our throats like baby Robins.

Maybe if he had thought longer about suing the firemen we'd have $20,000 to find a new manager. Or making Scott Power itemize his bill we might have the $20,000.

Better yet, if you factor in the costs of the failed strip mall we could have paid a city manager $125,000 per year for 42 years.

Obviously the council and staff can't get the job done. We better find someone that can.


Five months of failure and the bills to show for it.

The council will never reach qualified applicants. A professional head hunter will deliver 10 candidates in less than 30 days. Anyone of which will make a good city manager.

In a process that won't be conducted in illegal closed session meetings.


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