Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

14 May

Junior Murray Spouts Off – Scott, Rightly, Stomps Out

After Junior Murray applied his educational background instead of real world work experience to the suggested outrageous hike in sewer fees, Councilman Tim Scott rightly stomped out of the council work session.

What came later is the Embarrassment of Burlington, Gas Bag Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell, chastising Scott for leaving the meeting, stating, “It’s not the way a member of the council should be acting.”

Lost Keys should talk about being an embarrassment. The lost school key, thrown out of a liquor store for farting, deceiving the public over the railroad lawsuit and lying to the public over every mismanaged step he takes.

It’s about damn time a member of this city council took a stand on something instead of wimping along under the spell of city hall.

And it's far too late for Gas Bag Mayor Lost Keys Bill Ell to make up for time scrutinizing council behavior after he lost years of opportunity to chastise the drunk ex-mayor Mike Edwards for all his stupid, dumb ass moves and embarrassing behavior.

Look closely in the mirror Bill; the image you see is one of glaring embarrassment. Very similar to the spineless bellyfish, found only on West Jefferson.


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