Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

24 July



IS lost Keys in dry out?

I also see we have money to redo Jefferson Street again. I wish we could finish all the city streets just one time before we spend cash on Jefferson again.

Gary Thomas also states we have to stop taking from the poor so they will quit assaulting people.

Disgusted Taxpayer

We don't know where Lost Keys is and no one is talking except Junior Murray.

Speaking of rehab, Denis Leary has a YouTube video about going to rehab. Keep in mind this is an adult rated video and may offend the church people. The video does keep a proper perspective of rehab. If you don't want fixin', no need to go.

Money for Jefferson Street is like money for the water park or the Chamber - Gone!

Garry is just being Garry. He doesn't have a clue he has nothing in common with these criminals. Nothing.


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