Burlington Derailed — The Continuing Story

06 September

Garbage Crisis Averted

“Lost Keys” Ell Garbage Effort To Pay Off

“Lost Keys” Ell deep concern over the landfill garbage crisis in Burlington has reached new heights. Something is being done to protect the citizens from the crazed garbage men running amok in Des Moines County and is truly remarkable legislation.

The Burlington City Council, in its infinite wisdom to regulate everyone to the max, has decided to further regulate garbage haulers. Even though it is already illegal for waster haulers to haul garbage to another landfill, the local regional waste director has convinced Ell this lost garbage is a looming financial crisis and must be dealt with.

Good job, “Lost Keys.” Your single-handed effort to correct this huge mis-carriage of garbage is truly remarkable and something to be proud of.

And the foresight to impose a $750 fine for breaking the new law really shows them who is boss. And the world is a better place for your meddling in regional waste’s business and should be applauded.

Now, if you would show as much interest and concern in protecting the Burlington taxpayers’ fiduciary interests, we might respect your efforts. Otherwise, it’s just garbage.

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