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04 September

Is It Time for a Burlington Batman?


Sometimes I think Burlington is in desperate need of a Batman type character! As I'm listening to the local PD on the scanner, call after call is for a theft, an assault or vandalism. What the hell is happening to this town?

I used to laugh when people from the smaller communities around the Burlington area would comment on not coming to Burlington because of the crime and not being able to come out of your house after dark, but now I'm starting to wonder if it might be true.

Considering an average call to the local PD takes them about 30 - 45 minutes to respond if it isn't a "life or death" issue. So don't waste your time calling in a drug deal going on in the street, a group of area youths gathering in the street and not moving when cars come down it, or a domestic fight going on next door because by the time the PD get there, the deal will be done, the group will be gone and someone will end up dead in the domestic fight.

Does anyone have one of the big search lights we can borrow and tape outline of maybe a Key to shine in the sky to see if the mayor or the PD will notice?


Well, first thing is you would only need a flashlight shining in Lost Keys beady little eyes at the Sombrero to find him. Or better yet, just kick open the front door and yell - Lost Keys, free beer, there's been another disappointment.

Second, the thought of Lost Keys Bill Ell in a rubber suit is something best left for the closet since it won't frighten hardened criminals and it would scare most good cops.

Maybe we should have Brian Tapp write some grants for crime fighting money since he brought the problems to Burlington. That seems most realistic.


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