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01 October

Mayor Denies Wrongdoing - Ell Totally Out Of Touch

We mentioned yesterday let's wait and see what our gas bag mayor, Lost Keys Bill Ell, had to say about the Ombudsman report on the city's illegal meeting over the railroad lawsuit.

Ell did not disappoint us.

"When asked about changes in city policies spurred by the destruction of tape recordings and minutes of closed-door meetings related to the lawsuit against BNSF by Slagle, Ell said, "I don't think anything was done wrong or illegal. ... Why would we change anything?"

That's right Lost Keys, why would you change anything? Once a criminal always a criminal.

Maybe when you get popped for a DUI you can try that line, "I don't think anything was done wrong or illegal..." on the judge.

In the meantime, I'm sure someone will prepare examples of the continual violations of the open meeting law by the Burlington City Council and forward them to the Ombudsman.


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