Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

15 November

Send Lost Keys to Loot D. C.


Big city mayors are already whining about going broke. Of course, it is the world economy that is to blame. Their own fiscal irresponsibility is never even remotely related to the piggy bank being bare.

Burlington needs to get in there with the banks, stock brokers, auto companies and every other group seeking a hand out. Burlington maybe small, but we have a casino water park, empty lot retail development, etc. etc. to prove our irresponsibility is second to none.

Lost Keys needs to click on the Advertiser's link and book his flight from Moline with great haste. The great bloated sow in Washington has already been milked of nearly a trillion dollars. Our Mayor needs to be there while there is still an open teat with at least a trickle of "free" funding from D. C.


posted at 01:45:00 on 11/15/08 by SPIKE - Category: General


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