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24 August

Jerry Strauss Is Major Liability


Sounds like Jerry Strauss is the equivalent of Lost Keys Ell or Iowaís worst ex city manager Bruce Slagle but I have a feeling the damage caused by Strauss will far exceed the amount wasted by Lost Keys Ell or even possibly what Slagle lost for the taxpayer should the building have to be destroyed.

Just how in the hell could this have gone on for so long? Just who is in charge of taxpayer property in the county, if anyone?

Straussís name on the county web site just says ďE911Ē just what the hell does that mean, is he in charge of the 911 operators or what? Whatís that got to do with taxpayer property or is he multi-functional for the county?

Doesnít the county have a person directly in charge of the taxpayerís property?

I hope the county isnít as poorly run as the city although itís hard not to make the comparison. With only one competent supervisor the people have little representation at the court house.

One thing for sure, the raises and bonus money will flow as usual regardless of the lack of responsibility and accountability because the county has no more respect for taxpayer money than the city does.

None of the people involved would ever make it in the private sector because of their incompetence. Thatís the problem with government, itís where all the loons go to feed off the taxpayer and remain immune from responsibility and accountability; actually itís a form of welfare for the incompetent, although they're overpaid and excessively benefited.


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