Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

12 February

Burlington - City of Losers - Led By a Loser


One thing we do know, Burlington has the stupidest city council, mayor and city manger known to man, save for the congress of the United States. They have no backbone or conscience, otherwise they would never have voted to pay city employees those disgustingly gross salaries stolen from the public under the guise of taxes needed to repair our falling down dump of a city.

They could have told the city employees no raise for the next five years just as easily as giving them everything for nothing, after all its only taxpayer money and it grows on trees: so they think.

The voter in Burlington is ignorant by voting in the same revolving door dimwits year after year despite their not having enough brains to get out of the rain.

The mayor is a joke and nothing but a retired fireman who cost the taxpayers over $50,000 for the keys he lost to the schools on his watch. The voter then turns around and elects this known loser to the council and then the council makes him the mayor, something he knows nothing about and they do it twice. Talk about a comedy of errors, Burlington has it all when it comes to losers.

Cascade Bridge is falling down because the city spent the money on the Manor, railroad lawsuit, Iowas worst lawyer, employee wage and benefit increases and the worst part - bonus money for the loser managers employed by the city.

The East St. Louis syndrome is gaining ground here in Burlington and soon well be their sister city. Our city hall probably thinks its an honor to be similar to East St. Louis. I know it wont surprise anyone but them.


Don't lump Lost Keys Bill Ell into the category of a fireman. Lost Keys is a pathetic liar that got caught lying while deceiving the public.

No real fireman would want Lost Keys anywhere near a real fire.

They couldn't trust him.


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