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10 December

Mike "Marion Barry" Edwards


So I read in the advertiser yesterday that the peeing public defender is charged with drunk driving three weeks after the fact. Our own Mike "Marion Barry" Edwards is caught with the smoking gun (or in this case smoking exhaust) and skates. I challenge Senator King to look us all in the eye Monday night on the T.V. and tell us "the conduct in this case is no different". He's just pathetic. Oh, and a sore loser.

I'll bet you could find "witnesses" that saw Edwards driving that night, too. Would they arrest him then? And finally, when it is time to relace the mayor, can you find anyone who wants the job? What bar should we be looking for our next mayor in? Lord help us if Lost Keys takes over!


I wonder how they can charge the public defender so long after the fact based on witness statements. Maybe we should demand DCI find the Edwards' witnesses and quiz them about Edwards' erratic behavior. I wonder if they have video for that arrest?

I swear, Lost Keys Ell is the biggest mistake this city could make as a replacement mayor for Edwards. As we reported months ago, Ell was in discussion with his handlers to let Edwards take the fall for the railroad lawsuit and then Lost Keys could slide into the Mayor's job.

Anyone in a position of authority that conceals information about losing the school keys for 7 months should have been fired. Not allowed to retired. But fired. Zero tolerance for deceit.

Then to hear Lost Keys gets on his sanctimonious podium and tell us what we should be doing is about all I can stomach.

And King. He is such a non-event.

First things first. We have a mayor that needs replacing.


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