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31 August

Manor Mall Mayhem - "I Need More Time"

Ell and Worden's Incompentancy Costs Taxpayers $2,550,000 - So Far


"The city is paying 6.5 percent interest on the debt, which will amount to $2.75 million if the bonds are paid off on schedule in June 2021. The city this June made an annual loan payment of $853,420."

Burlington's City Council is finally willing to pay a commission to clean up their mess. Misery is what often happens when policy is turned over to a City Manager. Bend over and bite the onion.

Bruce Slagle should never have gotten out of town without a crown of tar and feathers Least we forget, thank you, State Senator Courtney. That eminent domain bill exclusion rider in the Iowa Senate made it all possible.

Penny Less

Lost Keys Mayor Bill Ell can't bite the bullet for his role in the Manor Mall heist. No one in city hall knows what the hell to do with that land grab. But Worden pleads for more time. more time, I need more time.

Coupled with his lost fire house key, Ell has cost taxpayers (3) Manor Mall payments and $50,000 in lost keys or $2,550,000 so far with his blatant incompetency. And he defends the Big Slug Doug Worden?

And the council just sits in the big chairs and play Solitaire. Or whatever they play with.

For 4 years.


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