Burlington Derailed The Continuing Story

06 January

City Hall Tribute to Lost Keys Bill Ell

If you welled up some big, fat crocodile tears for Lost Keys Bill Ell's departure from city hall, let these two profound statements be written next to his portrait in hallway on a solid gold plaque for future generations to ponder when asked about how rotten was this town when Ell would be King?

1. Ell's biggest disappointment was losing the railroad lawsuit.....Federal Judge Charles R. Wolle sided with BNSF, saying the city's claim was "without merit."

"I think that was essentially a miscarriage of justice..." Ell said.

2. "Doug (Worden) and I have been volunteers in 10 or 15 different organizations together organizations together for so long..."

Then draw a myopic, provincial Big Eye around the entire portrait, the lost school key and gold plaque.

We finally heard the door slam shut on incompetence, twice. Once for Ell and once for numb nuts Worden.


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